There are many connections created by TTable in MS SQL Server

I am using Delphi 2, SQL Link 3.5, MS SQL Serve 6.5.

 I found There are many connections created by TTable. of course, It's
  when I use TQuery. But due to my EXISTING Library with Sybase. I DON'T
  time to rewrite my library,  as well as applications. Moreover, There
  MANY useful method, property for building Database applications. such
  Indexfields, mastersource, and, TTable can allow me to create a
  applications since I don't have to write NATIVE SQL statement.

  I tried to replace all ttables by tqueries but I found an another
  Suppose Form1 has some components :
  query1 - select * from <any tables in my Server>
  datasouce1 - is linked by query1 of coz.
  dbgrid1 - is linked by datasource.
  then, F9 - run it.
  Press Insert - a blank row appears.
  type anything - include the keys' value of coz.
  press uparrow or downarrow - post it.

  after then, I found some row missing......

  If I use DBDEMOS - Local Dbase or Paradox DB files,
  It's prefectly ok....

  so, What can I do ?
  Pls help me

  Thanks in advance,
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