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Operating System Network Error message

I have a multi-user Delphi 1 app accessing Paradox 5 tables on an NT 4.0 sp3
Novell Client is also loaded on the client workstations since Novell is used
in the office for Printer and Fax sharing.

On one workstation (all stations running Win98) the following error has
occurred several times:

'Operating System Network Error' followed by a reference to a file in the
Paradox database on the server.

Is this a Windows 98 or Novell error message? Thanks if anyone can shed some
light on the source of this message


Re:Operating System Network Error message

Here's what I found out re: this error.

The Novell support guy said he suspects that this error occurs if files have
not been closed and the app is started again. Also, some screen savers and
minimizing the app will cause some apps to halt without closing files

He suggested setting the 'run in background' ??? option if an app is


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