TAPI Functions and Code

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Paul Qualls

"Rodrigo Hernandez" <rhernan...@telectronic.cl> wrote in message

> the question is :

> I need use the TAPI function : lineSetAgentGroup

> function lineSetAgentGroup(hLine, dwAddressID: Integer;
>    lpAgentGroupList: pTLineAgentGroupList): Integer;

> My problem is what the parameter pTLineAgentGroupList is a Pointer Record
> and Assign data from other Pointer Record, pTLineAgentGroupEntry.

> I now what the second pointer record is assigned into the estruct of the
> first pointer record in C code as

>   pTLineAgentGroupEntry lpge = (pTLineAgentGroupEntry) ((LPBYTE)lpgl +
> lpgl->dwListOffset);

> ?Who Could Translate This Code From C ?

> lpgl is a var for Stored the Data-> pTLineAgentGroupList
> lpge  =====> pTLineAgentGroupEntry

> pTLineAgentGroupList ===> is a Pointer Record <> pTLineAgentGroupEntry
> pTLineAgentGroupEntry  ====> is a Pointer Record <> pTLineAgentGroupList