Re-install BDS2006 - Correct process some one please.

2006-09-20 08:37:14 PM
Hi Have BDS2006 and update 2 plus Hotfix Roll Out 18th Sept 2006.
Some thing is causing lots of exceptions and the Hotfix roll out has really
stuffed things up. It looks like I have to re-install the lot!!
I also have things like latest version of Intrweb and other 3rd party tools
Is there a way of repairing from original CD's and then just re-installing
the updates and hotfix rollout?
My problems are:
Keeps asking for install disks when I compile a project, cancel installer
request 3 times and all is OK compile completes and runs OK.
Added the new hotfix rollout I now get exceptions loop when I click on main
program code tab in editor with full BDS personalities loaded. Same project
with just Delphi win32 personality will compile but when I go to close all
files I get an exception. And any new load/compile brings back the CD
Install loop. See QC 34188, 34193 + 34194.
Thanks Tony VK3ZTR