Searching for help with SMImport and D5

2007-02-09 10:18:01 PM
I have a problem with SmImport and Delphi 5. When I import a xls-file I
get curious errors when then sourcefilename is too short like
d:\smitest\testimport.xls when the path is longer like
\\mgmserver\kw\smitest\testimport.xls then the import works. With Vista
it is always working and it doesn't depend on the language of the
windows. It also works when I run it within the IDE with integrated
de{*word*81} switched on (but there are two breakpoints in the NTDLL).
Now I'd like that somebody else with D5 can try to reproduce this
error to verify where the error is. Maybe a Windows-Update, I don't
know. You can download a package (ZIP 3 MB) from\downloads\
The description of the error in the rtf-file is a little bit older, but
I think it is the same error.
I would be happy to get any information (working, not working) etc.
Thank you