Web Services in delphi 6

2007-09-06 03:41:07 PM
I'm trying to create an application that will connect to a Web Service on a
clients local network.
Problem I am having is that when I run it against the test web service that I
wrote in MS C# 2005 I get data back and it works fine, but when it is ran
against the clients WSDL file that was provided I am getting errors,
main differences I have noticed are that:
1. Clients WSDL file has no SoapAction value, where mine does.
2. Clients WSDL file soap address is different from mine in that it doesn't
have the file name at the end of it, i.e.
original code was:
<soap:address location="http://remote_ip/sharedService" />
and mine was :
<soap:address location="http://localhost/myservice/myservicesvr.asmx" />
My test app keeps returning errors when it get to both these lines in the
WSDL file.
Any help or info is appreciated.