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Delphi , .NET Programmer available

2004-12-29 09:43:42 AM
Hi, my name is Raul Trasviņa and I am looking for a Job in the United States
I upload one TUTORIAL of what I have worked with, to download this go to the
site, and access the count with usuario(user) :
files001 and the
contraseņa (password): programs. (You must type this on the box
that is on the Right Top of the screen)
In this tutorial it will guide you key-by-key, click-by-click, through some
of the operations you can do with my programs.
One of the program is an Selling system, you know invoices, inventory,
payment account, etc. It has two reporters, one is very fast to make because
its by column (not graphic, you just say wich fields you want in what
column), and other is graphic its like QuickRep, but it is my own Reporter.
The other file is an font editor, you can Edit a font, and you can see in
and word processor like WordPad or Word the font with name Prueba. This file
in other account user : files002 password: programs.
My skills: Delphi ,C Sharp, .NET, VisualBasic, MS Sql 2000, Rational
Rose, Microsoft Visio.
I start programming when I was 16 years old, so I have 20 years of
Thank You.
Raul Trasviņa

Re:Delphi , .NET Programmer available

In the account files001 there are three or four files to download and in
files002 there is one file to download.
I make I mistake I wrote the other file is in files002 ,no, I did mean
that there is another file in files002, thank you.