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Linking VC .OBJ files in Delphi project ?

Greetings All !

Is it possible ?
Does anyone has such experience ?
Something special with compiler options ?

Please, help.


Re:Linking VC .OBJ files in Delphi project ?

: "Alexander Voronin" <> wrote:

>Is it possible ?


Borland uses the (Intel) OMF specification of the OBJ file format,
Microsoft uses the (Unix-style) COFF specification.

Both are not compatible and cannot be made compatible.

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Re:Linking VC .OBJ files in Delphi project ?

Im Artikel <79clhs$>, "Alexander Voronin"
<> schreibt:

>Does anyone has such experience ?

Not actually, but in general the objects of different languages will use
different calls to their "native" runtime system.

Consider memory management or I/O operations - in both cases the memory or
"file" management does not only consist of the subroutines, that might be
linked into the final module, but also of the according setup of all tables
etc., used to manage the resources.

At program startup, only the "native" services are initialized explicitly, but
not the equivalent services of other languages. In a DLL, instead, the language
specific services are initialized, when the DLL is loaded into memory.

Consider the initialization code in every Delphi/Pascal unit. That code might
be called and execute only, if the main application is of the same language,
but not when that unit is linked into a C program. You may find details about
the language specific startup code, distributed as source code with some
compilers, like BC.


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