Delphi browser vs. MSVC browser

  Get Delphi 2.0 for your compiler message, but I never use the Object Browser,
so I wouldn't know how much better it is in 2.0...

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>Although I prefer Delphi over MSVC in many aspects, after a short time of
>working with Delphi, I get the impression that the Browser facility in
>Delphi is not as handy and advanced as that of Microsoft Visual C++ with
>which I have extensive experience. This is really a pity because when
>working with MSVC for some time, one can hardly imagine to to without
>these facilities. Please explain to me that I'm wrong because Delphi has
>the same possibilities. For example:
>  In MSVC, with the cursor on an identifier, pressing F11 brings you to
>the definition of that identifier. This works for variables, macro's and
>functions. I have not found a similar facility in Delphi yet.
>  In MSVC, the browser window gives you all sorts of possibilities to
>show program structure. E.g. a caller-hierarchy, a callee-hierarchy, a
>class-inheritance hierarchy etc. On the right half of the window the
>corresponding locations in the source files are shown. Does Delphi
>contain a similar facility?

>I have also a related question: when the compiler complains "duplicate
>identifier", how does one figure out where the identifier was used
>previously? Can I get an overview of all occurrences of an identifier?
>(Yes indeed, the MSVC can do that)

>Regards, Michiel

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