ODE 2.0 - ODBC Components for Delphi 2.0 and Delphi 3

VanSoft Limited announces the beginning of a beta program for its ODE 2.0
product.  ODE 2.0 is a no-compromise solution for ODBC application
development in Delphi.  ODE 2.0 provides a collection of native components
to connect to ODBC data sources and a set of data-aware controls to work
with the ODBC data.

With ODE 2.0, the developer simply drags and drops a few components onto a
form, sets some properties, and calls a couple of methods to establish the
ODBC connection.  The developer no longer needs to learn the difficult ODBC

A key component in ODE 2.0, TODBCStmt, has a set of data navigation and
manipulation methods such as First, Last, Prior, Next, Edit, and Post.
Those who are familiar with Delphi's TTable and TQuery components should
feel right at home in ODE2.0.

ODE 2.0 also has excellent error handling capability through the
TODBCErrorHandler component.

Furthermore, the TODBCRelation component allows the developer to create
master-detail relationship between queries without coding.

Best of all, ODE 2.0 compiles right into the finished applications. The
developer no longer needs to worry about distribution of BDE installation
files with the finished applications.  The end users will appreciate the
ease of installation and improvement in performance of the applications
developed using ODE 2.0.

ODE 2.0 is very competitively priced.  VanSoft is offering a special
earlybird discount during the beta period.  Please visit the VanSoft Ltd.
web site at www.vansoft.com.hk and download the beta packages for details.
Quantity discounts and dealership arrangements are available.

For inquiries, please contact The Sales Manager at sale...@vansoft.com.hk.

VanSoft Limited is incorporated in Hong Kong with limited liabilities.

Delphi is registered trademard of Borland International.

VanSoft Limited
July 1997
Hong Kong
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