AutoIncrement Fields in Delphi 3

Maybe your autoincrement field set up as REQUIRED in table field list?
(Doubleclick table component and select this field in list of all fields,
you are intrested REQUIRED property)

Ruslan Strelba

>I have a project that uses AutoIncrement fields.  This project was
>developed so far in Delphi 2.  I now wish to move to Delphi 3.  I copied
>the source files and started Delphi 3 and just tried to run my project.
>It ran but when I tried to add and post a record to a table that has an
>AutoIncrement field I get a Database error that tells me my
>Auto-Increment field must have a value.  I thought the purpose of an
>AutoIncrement field was to be filled in automatically and I wouldn't
>have to lookt after it.  This does work in Delphi 2 by the way.  Could
>someone please tell me whats wrong.  Thanks in advance.

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