Informix with datetime fields

I have a table in informix with a TDateTime year to second,

create table "geminix".ntrslog
 tr000 char(30),
 tr010 char(30),
 tr020 datetime year to second
revoke all on "geminix".ntrslog from "public";

insert into ntrslog (tr000,tr010,tr020) values  ("10_001","borrar",current);

What I see in the database is in the datetime field
2002-05-30 17:47:50

When I tried to insert a recod in my delphi aplication, First I format the
field and put in this format, but depending the computer it fails. I have
been comparing the International Configuration, The ODBC is the same, I
don't know where can I have the problem. Delphi is Delphi 5 and the BDE is

Any Help ?