IBQuery.DataSource 'unnamed'?


This is in IBX 4.63 with CachedUpdates on:

If I inspect an IBQuery in the Debug Inspector and look up the
DataSource Property, the inspector reports:
(read=(unnamed) write=TIBCustomDataSet.SetDataSource)

If I try to Evaluate IBQuery.DataSource, nothing is returned.

If IBQuery.DataSource is written in program code, and after stopping
in the De{*word*81}, I move the cursor over the code, the ToolTip flashes

Is this a bug?

The reason I'm asking is that if you edit, insert or delete the detail
part of a master-detail relation, and then edit the master before
applying the updates to the details, the details refresh and
effectively cancel any changes already made. However, if I nil the
detail's DataSource and restore it after the ApplyUpdates, everything
works ok. If their is a better way to do this, I'ld like to hear it.