Disk thrashing on multiple Posts

I have a major problem, with a database program.

I am collecting data and creating a Paradox table entry for it.
This posting of new records happens continuously and system performance
is okay. However after a while performance drops and the disk starts to
thrash and the PC grinds to an almost halt.

If I allow the program to stop POSTING for approx 4 mins, the performance
returns and the disk stops thrashing.

I am using 16 bit delphi, and I use DBiSaveChanges calls to force to disk.

Using System monitor, the disk thrashing appears to be due to Memory Page

The Tables created are not large, approx 70K.

I have tried a number of simple programs and they all do the same.

Does anyone know of this problem, or have any further avenues of
investigation ?


Stephen Parris
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