Delphi 4 and bolded text when it is not wanted

I am using Delphi4 for win 95 and 98.

I have 2 forms.  Form1 has some buttons and 2 labels that are bolded.
It also contaiins 10 labels, radio group and a tdblookupcombo control
that has it's text displayed in NON-BOLD font style.

On form2, I have some buttons in bold.
Note, that form 1 and 2 does NOT have the BOLD style set for the form

When I start the application, form 1 is displayed as mentioned above.
Then, from form 1, I click to open form2 (works fine right now).  Form 2
is displayed as mentioned above.  Then, when I switch or close form 2 to
go to form 1, form 1 is displayed with every possible label/caption
(except for the menu item) in bold.

What is going on?  How do I fix this?

Patrick Sabourin B.Sc. (Comp. Sci.)
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