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Ole/Dde with Excel/Word

Hello there

I am attempting to link/embed an ole object into Excel/Word that my Delphi
app is the server for. My app has 300-400 possible values that Excel/Word
may display and if the value(s) change in my app then Excel/Word would
reflect that change: a numeric or string value. Currently running Excel/Word
using TOlecontainer and would like link/embed at the current cursor/cell
position. Would this be an Ole or Dde thing. I can't find anyone who can
point me in the right direction.

Steve Johnson


Re:Ole/Dde with Excel/Word

You can use either.

With DDE you could use the 'xltable' data format to send all the data in
one DDE poke.

Our own 'Django' DDE component supports special 'xltable' functions. You
can download an evaluation version from our web site at...


        .... ICFM Software

 - Davout

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