Delphi1 and SQL-Date ind Query for paradox table

Hi Folks!

I am writing an app which works with paradox 5 tables (delphi 1).
On a form I have placed a query object. The Button1Click event shall do
the following:
Query1.Sql.Add(' select * from table where ');
Query1.Sql.Add(' DATEFIELD > ' + Edit1.Text );

Edit1.Text is the date in german format. I also tried different variations
with "/" which didn't work.  I have the same problem when I want to enter
the query in database desktop.

I know, EXTRACT(YEAR from DATEFIELD) = 1996 (also Month, Day) will work,
but It causes GPFs.
Any hint or workaround welcome, please answer offline to

Tschuess aus Norddeutschland (zw. WHV und OL in Bockhorn)
Juergen Rosskamp