batchmove to DB2/400


I am having serious trouble move large amounts of data to our as/400
from any of paradox, dbase or interbase. Doing a batchmove doesn't
appear to work, readblock/writeblock doesn't work SQL doesn't work
ie insert into ":AS400DATABASE:TABLE1" select * from ":DBASE:TABLE1"
with both tables having the same structures. Datapump that comes with
delphi 3 and delphi 2 and I assume delphi 4 doesn't work either.

I am using delphi3 and the ODBC DB2 driver that comes with Client

Even using table access copying record by record field by field
doesn't work.

When I say doesn't work this either means no records at all get
transfered of halfway through the process after some records have been
transfered, the job appears to hang.

Any help at all would be appreciated