Foreign key errors with Sybase SQL Anywhere 7

I have a client/server environment with NT workstations and a delphi
client (in the works) communicating to a Sybase SQL Anywhere 7
database on NT Server.  I'm using a BDE Alias with the Sybase ODBC.  I
think I'm gonna hear it from you all about this, because I think it
may be part of my problem judging from some of the msgs I've read.  If
I use NativeDB or ODBCExpress, does that eliminate using the
DataDictionary in Delphi?

I'm using a Database component in a datamodule with many Sybase Tables
referencing each other in different ways.  My datasources are not in
the datamodule.  

First,  I noticed that in the Database Explorer, no referential
constraints from the Sybase database show up.  I've tried
refresh/reimporting the database.   Anyone know why the foreign keys
don't show up?  

Second, I'm using a ComboBox to control a Notebook that has
PageControls and Tabs within the PageControls.  All that seems to work

Third, I have a DBNavigator's datasource changed when the PageControl
Tabs are changed to accomodate dbgrids and dbedits.  MOST of the time
this works well.

The part that is driving me NUTS is that if I delete a record and then
try to add a record, my delphi components flip back to the original
data as if I hadn't even pressed "insert" in the dbnavigator.  

Sorry this is so long but I would like some insight if anyone's got