Help on ReportSmith and Delphi 1

I'm having some troubles with ReportSmith.  Maybe somebody can give me
some clues about what I need to do.

1)      When developing reports, I work with databases in a specific
directory.  When I go to install these in the near future, how does
ReportSmith know where to find the report?  I can see the ReportDir
property and change that.   But, there is a "connection" in
ReportSmith while developing.  Do I have to set up a new "connection"
on my client's PC?

2)      During my testing, some reports fail to execute directly out
of my Delphi program when I'm testing.  ReportSmith executes, but the
report doesn't come up.   When I click on OPEN, the default directory
is where the report is.  When I click on the report name that I wanted
to see, it executes OK.  Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

thanks for the help
Bill Wester