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"At beginning of table" error


I have a Delphi 2.0 application that accesses paradox tables.  The
app is installed at a client site and I do not have access to their

The app worked well until this morning, when the following happens:

They start the app, and before the main form displays, they get a
message box that says:

        "At beginning of table."

They can get no further and the app is unusable.  I have searched and
searched but cannot find what triggers this particular error message.
On a valid table, doing a PRIOR will not trigger this error.  What's
going on?  Is it possible that a table is corrupt?      

I assume that the problem is in the main form's Create method, but
I cannot find any database accesses that are NOT surrounded by a
try. . .except. . .end loop.

Is there something I'm missing?

Any ideas are gratefully accepted.  Thanks in advance!

/Joel (


Re:"At beginning of table" error


I have noticed a similar problem. This message seems to occur when the
"Locate" method is used on a table with a filter. There is clearly a BDE
bug here since is the Locate uses multiple fields, it is sometimes possible
to eliminate the problem by rearranging the order of fields. Also try using
loCaseInsensitive, since this seems to alter this behaviour. Hope this



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