Question how do I add a component to a new component

I'm writing a SNPP Client and Server. I'm trying to build a new
component called
TSnppServer = class(TComponent)
TSnppClient = class (TComponent)

I want to encapslate all commands and responces inside TSnppServer.
I need to add a component TServerSocket. I can't get to listen with
Tcp/ip monitor.
My question is how do I create a component inside a component
Here is my constructor for my new component.

constructor TSnppServer.Create(AOwner: TComponent);//public method
  inherited Create(AOwner);
  fServerSocket := TServerSocket.Create(Self);
  fServerSocket.Active := TRUE;
  fServerSocket.OnClientConnect := OnClientConnect;
  fServerSocket.OnClientDisconnect := OnClientDisConnect;
  fServerSocket.OnClientRead := OnClientRead;
  fServerSocket.OnClientWrite := OnClientWrite;
  fServerSocket.OnClientError := OnClientError;
  fSequence := sLevel1;
  fCarrier   := 0;
  fCallerId  := '';
  fConnected := FALSE;
  fCommand   := '';
  fLastReply := '';
  fLocalHost := '';
  fMessage   := '';
  fPagerId   := '';
  fTimeOut := 15000;
  fServerPort :=  444;

Is there a easy way to debug components??? F7??
Thank you
Don Biederman
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