Delphi controlling OLE Automation

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:>Does anyone know of anyway that Delphi can do OLE Automation?  I would
:>like to be able to write a Delphi program that controls Word for Windows
:>and can read and write to a Word file.  Can Delphi perform OLE
:>Automation?  Is there an alternate way to accomplish the same thing?
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                I am about to release two components that accomplish what you're
looking to do. One is for controlling Word for Windows and the other for
Excel. The component is released as a C++ DLL with a Delphi wrapper and is
expected to cost about $75.00 each. Release date should be before the end of
December. If you're interested in being notified when the product is released
then please send me email.

        thanx & later,

                Ben Scherrey