Delphi bugs and ODBC Express Problem

I use delphi 4 and Infopower 2000 and Sql server7.0 to build my new project.
I met some problem:
1.Updatesql dose not really work perfectly, I take triggers to substitute
and work perfectly.
2.The inserted row will disappear after posted.
   As my experience ,It's always happen on cacheupdates disable,
   but now cacheupdates enable is in the same state.
so, I take odbcExpress to solve this problem, it works with no problem, but
too many new bug with it.
a simple statement like query1.first or post ... will get a error message
like 'Cursor not available...
this only happen on control by statements, by buttons of navigator it work
no problem.

So, who has the idea or experience with this?

Thanks in advance.

Regards Robert.