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delphi 3.0: Quick Report + NT 4.0 problem

I cannot drop a TQuickRep component into a Form under NT 4.0.
Whenever I try, I get an access violation error.This error began to come out
last week.Previously everything was fine.
Moreover old Delphi 3.0 applications using TQuickRep
component do not work anymore.
Strange as it may seem,It is as if starting from a week ago,TQuickRep doesn't
work anymore under NT 4.0.
Under Win 95 everything is fine.
Is there anyone who can help?

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Re:delphi 3.0: Quick Report + NT 4.0 problem

You may want to try re-installing Delphi on the NT box.  At work I am
programming on NT and haven't had the problem with Delphi 3.

Michael Glatz

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