ChiefLZ v2.0: file compression sources released

Hi all,

I have recently released v2.0 of my FREEWARE ChiefLZ package (LZSS and
Huffman compression for Borland Pascal, Delphi, and Virtual Pascal).

This package contains full sources for LZSS (LZ77) and Huffman compression
and decompression for DOS real mode, Dos DPMI, Win16, and Win32.

Features include;
* full FREE source code to units and DLLs and examples programs
* a full Delphi component (new)
* a full Borland Pascal object(new)
* long file names under Windows 9x and NT (new)
* single file compression and decompression
* archive compression and decompression
* self extracting archives (new)
* password protection for archives (new)
* 32-bit CRC checking for compressed files (new)
* increased number of files in archives
* static linking to programs or compling to DLLs (DOS DPMI, Win16 and Win32)
* new compression method which is as good as ZIP's "deflation"
 - etc., etc.

Please download your copy from my homepage (below).

Best regards, The Chief
Dr. A{*word*73}la A. Olowofoyeku (The African Chief)
Home page:  
  Author of: Chief's Installer Pro 4.52 for Win16 and Win32:
  Winner of PC PLUS Magazine Gold Award (April 1995 U.K. edition)
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