using Windoze RAS API

Hello all,

I'm trying to make a RAS PPP dialer using Delphi. I started with
Kyler's sample code from the 1998 DDJ article. However his method
requires a valid phonebook entry, and I don't want that -- I want to
PROGRAMMATICALLY create a phonebook entry.

Eventually I want the entire dialup function to exist in one function.
So basically it should go..

RasSetEntryPropertieS() to create a phonebook entry
RasDial() to do the actual dialup

I've used RasDial with a (pre-configured) phonebook entry and it
works. But I don't want that kind of behavior.

Also, I know there are a lot of RAS components out there, but I'd like
to do things "the hard way" because a) I don't need the kitchen-sink
functionality; b) it's a Learning Experience(TM)