Lock file is to large - error message on paradox tables

Hi all,

I use Delphi 4.0 C/S with paradox tables on Win9x. LOCAL SHARE is set to

On users machine "Lock file is to large" error message appears. When scroll
on data,  *.lck files in his execute dir rise up
to 15 MB. I have to say, there is only 800 KB of all data together in his
Paradox tables. Application uses some Queries and tables. After error
message application doesn't work normaly.

I never got this message and my machine is slower then user's machine and
the data are the same, my *.lck files have
less then 1MB.

I don't know where the reason is? Or how decrese the size of Lock files on
user machine, or how to prevent this error!!. Why is diference in size of
*lck files. Are there any settings in BDE?

Thank's for any help.