Using the BDE within DLL's

Has anyone out there in Delphi land used the BDE from within a DLL???

Basically what I'm trying to do is write a DLL (DB.DLL) that handles all
my database work.  Then I can call this DB.DLL from other DLL's to access the
database.  The reason I want to do this via a seperate DLL rather than a DCU
is so that if I have a new version of my DB.DLL I don't have to re-compile all
my applications that use the DCU!  I guess I'd be able to do this if Delphi
had an equivilent to VB's Dynaset datatype but I can't seem to find one and I
don't think thereis one.

Anyone have any idea's of where I should look, or other ways of acheiving
what I'm trying to do??