Model-View-Control design patterns for Delphi

Hi !

I'm interested in getting in touch with people who has worked in  large
projects using Delphi (or Delphi in combination with other languages). More
precisely, I am interested in the following sujects:

1) Implementing strict object-oriented designs in Delphi. I have worked on
some large projects where
     the code is divided into model (business classes), view (user interface
classes, i.e. VCL) and control    (communication resources etc.). Delphi
works for oo-programming, but it is not flawless  :-(

2) Encapsulating relational database access in model classes, in order to
make objects "database persistent".
    (No - I don't like "data aware components" in forms). Good
designpatterns wanted..

3) Implementing CORBA interrfaces in Delphi. Is it possible ?? I like CORBA
since it works "stand alone" in opposition to DCOM, which is quite much
depending on MTS...

I have some , I hope, evaluable experiences in creating large oo Delphi

Magnus Pettersson, ITech Nordic AB