How to link to SQL Server 1.0 Through Delphi 1.0 BDE


I need help. I need to write a database application in delphi
1.0.  It is a requirement that the application be written in
16 bit.  I am attempting to connect to MS SQL server 6.0
which will be the back end.  I think I have figured out that
the BDE will not allow connections to MS SQL Server 6.0. I
have also attempted to use ODBC Driver SQLSRVR.DLL in the BDE
configuration setup.  I believe I have configured the data
source correctly using the ODBC Administrator.  When I go to
make a connection using the database desktop, my system
hangs. Also,  I have attempted the same procedure using
Delphi 2.00 and encountered no problems.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.