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PLEASE help me! Unknown Internal Operating System Error

I am very sorry for asking this, but I really really need some help here...
I have tried everything I can think of short of re-installing windows 95.

I am experiencing a error using cached updates (which of course creates
paradox tables on the fly) with Personal Oracle 8.0.4 on Windows 95B.  The
error occurs when I call MySQuery.ApplyUpdates.  It doesn't happen the first
time I edit the record and call the query's applyupdates, it happens the
second time and then every time after that

          MySQuery.ApplyUpdates; <--- error occurs here
          raise; {re raise exception to prevent commitupdates}

I get the error:
"Unknown internal operating system error.
Bad file number.
File: C:\Sabre\Del15.mb
Table: C:\Sabre\Del15.mb"

The Query is hooked up to a TUpdateSQL component, but as far as I can tell,
everything I have done is a textbook example of cached updates.

This is NOT over a network.  I have tried increasing
the BDE's MaxFileHandles, and this has not helped.
I have also read the BDE FAQ file
which recommends re-installing the BDE.  I have done this and it hasn't
I have been using cached updates for 2 years, and have never had this
problem before..

Please, any help or ideas would be appreciated, as this error is crippling
my program and has brought my development to a screeching halt!

Doug White
Onsite Network Systems


Re:PLEASE help me! Unknown Internal Operating System Error


I don't want to waste your time with what' probably a red herring, but
I ran into this error 18 months or so ago, after I installed the
Sql-Links that came with  Intrabuilder (normally I use Delphi).

After re-installing the BDE more times than I care to remember, I
finally fixed it by hand-editing the registry to remove every
reference to it I could find, then re-installed the BDE and Delphi.

Cheers, Martyn

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