lost update in unix-network on paradox-tables

We have a big problem with one of our customer:

They have win311 and are connected to a sinix-host.
Our program is installed on two (later more) clients.
If one insert or modify a record, the other one see this changes only,
if he close the program (and probably the BDE) and start it again.
This situation leads to bi conflicts, if both try to modify records
and so crash the index.

Any hints? We allready ensure, that teh NET-dir ist the same (it's in
the DB-directory) and tried to set LOCALSHARE=TRUE. Both changes
didn't solve this problem.

So, any ideas?

It would be great, to get answers by EMail.

Thanks a lot

  Stefan Kirch

Stefan Kirch    
Mailto: Stefan.Ki...@bkr-software.com