bincancel:22 large binaries:AR837:@@NCM

Large binary posts do not belong in unmoderated discussion groups.

Please read this entire message, the Bincancel FAQ, and the complete
report (see below) before following up to or responding to this article.

As a service to, and with the cooperation of, other news administrators,
I run a program that searches for, and issues advisory cancels for,
large binaries in the akr, biz, comp, misc, news, rec, and sci

I have issued 22 cancels for large binary files (average size 140,665
characters - total size 3,094,625 characters) posted to 8 different
unmoderated discussion groups in the comp, rec, and sci hierarchies
(with cross-posts into into alt and uk groups) as follows:
   5 alt.alien.visitors
   1 rec.antiques.marketplace
   1 comp.lang.pascal.borland
   1 alt.windows95

The unnumbered newsgroups in the list are not separate posts, but
are cross-postings of the articles represented by the preceeding
numbered items into additional newsgroups.

The cancels in non-targeted groups are a consequence of the way
cross-posts work.  A cross-posted article has only one Message-ID.
When it is canceled from one group it is canceled from all groups.

This pointer is being posted to each affected group listed above.
Follow-ups are directed to

If you want to see exactly which file was deleted from a particular
group, read the full report in  The
full report can also be found in alt.nocem.misc and alt.retromod.
Look for AR837 in the subject, or, if your reader supports it,
use <>.

The criteria used to search for this batch of large binaries were:
   NEWSGROUPS: Unmoderated akr, biz, comp, misc, news, rec, or sci
               (except for comp.binaries.apple2, comp.bugs.2bsd,
                rec.collecting.stamps, and
   BINARY: base64, binhex, uuencode, and xbtoa encoded files, etc.
   SIZE: > 100,000 characters [(size * (# of parts - .5)), if multi-part]

If you must post a binary to Usenet, please post it *only* to an
appropriate binaries newsgroup such as alt.binaries.misc, and do *not*
crosspost it to non-binaries groups.  Then, if you like, post something
in the appropriate discussion group telling people where to find the
binary in the binaries group (a pointer to the binary).  This will
permit news administrators and users to decide for themselves whether
to receive the binary files.

For more information about binary cancels, see the bincancel FAQ,

Please direct public feedback to and private
feedback to  In the interests of preventing
cross-posted flame wars, please honor the followup-to header and do
*not* cross-post your reply to multiple groups.  Thank you for your

Best wishes,
Richard E. Depew, Munroe Falls, OH (home)
It's over, and can't be helped, and that's one consolation, as they
  always say in Turkey, when they cut the wrong man's head off''
  -- Charles{*word*106}ens, _The Pickwick Papers_