Why a Network Install of Delphi 3 isn't Supported

Delphi 3 was never designed to be installed on a network, and Borland
makes no claims that a network install of Delphi 3 will work.

It may work for some users if they from all machines install Delphi 3
to the same location on the network. They will also need a lot of
rights, including:

  * Writing shared DLLs and OCXs to NT4's System32 directory
      (usually C:\WinNT\System32)

  * Writing registry entries to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

  * Writing registry entries to HKEY_CURRENT_USER

  * Writing registry entries to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT
      (part of registering OCXs)

Delphi 3 expects all shared DLLs, packages and OCXs to be locally

Furthermore, Delphi 3 expects all registry entries to be local.

As you can see, many problems may arise when trying to install Delphi
3 on a network. Possibly the most important one is the network
software and hardware itself. Unforeseen problems may occur with any
network configuration.

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