I don'y know what to do

I have nothing to do.

My name is Petr Soukup (19) and  one of my hobbies is programming from
my age of 13. I want to  upgrade my knowledge from Turbo Vision (envi-
ronment (library) of Turbo (Borland) Pascal, similar to Windows, which
was predecessor  of Delphi), but I  don't like only boring  reading of
books without  any motivation. I need  to have some work  to do, which
isn't too  big (more than 2000-3000  lines) and not too  quickly (less
then a few moths),  because I can spend on it daily  only a few hours.
I could make perhaps some useful  components, which somebody need, but
I really don't know what can be useful to do, because I survey what is
already done.  I could do some  quite special component, which  can be
very good for  some sort of people and make  it either freeware, where
instead off registration fee ask for postcard.
Or perhaps  I can help just  you with some less  important, but useful
part of your program awaiting only a small reward.
I have bought 486DX2 40 Mhz 8mb Ram and Delphi 1.0. one month ago.
I don't expect to have any  troubles with full Object Oriented Progra-
ming, because  I have written more  then 6000 line of  working code in
it. I have deep knowledge of  background of Turbo (borland) Pascal and
even a basics of assembler in it.
In the Turbo  Vision I was trying to make  (except one application for
dentists) TDialog and  Tmenu editor and report maker  - something what
is in Delphi  already done and much better, so  that I have deep know-
ledge of this matter.
On the other hand I have still  no idea how API and sine either things
in windows works.
By now  I have some basics  knowledge how to make  my own component or
application in Delhi even.
If you have  any sober ideas, E-mail me please.  I will try to respond
to all.

        Thanks, in advance

                             Petr Soukup,

 P.S. If you  are going to respond later, I'm  afraid I will change my
 E-mail address after one week.