D2: Fatal bug in DBLookupComboBox and ListBox - testdblu.zip [01/01]

I have discovered what seems to be a fatal bug in the new data lookup
facility. This problem occurs using Interbase tables, but also with
Paradox. I have attached a small sample application (~8K zipped) and data
to demonstrate it.

The new lookup facility in Delphi 2 is supposed to greatly simplify dealing
with codes that have values looked up in other tables. This seems to work
fine when the key is only a single field. But the system is supposed to
work with multi-value keys. In the enclosed project, there is a Code table,
which has two lookup fields: Dept (raw)/DeptLu (lookedup) and Pos
(raw)/PosLu (looked up) -- DeptLu comes from the Costcent tables, and PosLu
from the Cost_pos table. The Pos lookup involves two keys: Dept and Pos. In
other words, there are Departments (with descriptions), and within
Departments, there are Positions -- this sort of thing is very common.

What happens, is that the lookups look up ok, and will display in a DBedit
or in the grid. The single Dept lookup works fine in a combo box. The
Dept:Pos works fine if you are only displaying in a dbedit, but if you try
to connect a DBLookupComboBox (or ListBox) to the PosLU field, you get an
error message "field "DEPT;POS" not found". If you use the DBGrid, and try
to edit that field at run time, you get the same message (presumably,
Delphi creates such a combo box dynamically at run time when you try
editing, thus the same error condition). This conditions crashes the

If anyone has seen this before, or has any suggestion for a work around, I
would appreciate it. If Borland knows about this, I would like to know when
we could get a fix.
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Brad Aisa <ba...@hookup.net>
Software Designer
Business Machine Interfaces, Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada