Problem using ADOExpress with D5

I am trying to convert an old DLL project from D4 to D5. The DLL will
look in an Access97 database for some special data and display it in a
Listview form.
I used a 3rd party implementation of DAO connection in D4 and now I
want to convert to ADO, so I looked through the code and found it to
be fairly simple to convert.
But even though the dll compiles it won't run!
After a bit of digging down I found that there is an exception at the
point where I create the connection:
FDBConnection := TADOConnection.Create(nil);
generates an exception with the message text:
'CoInitialize has not been called'
I can't find any reference to a unit containing this procedure, nor
can I find any help at all on ADO usage after installing ADOExpress.

Can someone please help:
- What have I done wrong?
- What should I do instead?
- Where can I find help on the use of ADOExpress?

Bo Berglund