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Error "Index Does Not Exist"

I created a table using DataBase Desktop with the following Structure

FieldName       Type      Size    Key
Number                +                        *
Type                     A            1
Part Number       A            30
Order Number    A            10
Quantity                I
Cost                     $
Date                    D

Secondary index
Name          Fields
Part               Part Number, Date
Order            Order Number, Date
Day                Date

It is of type ttParadox, I am using TTables to access it.

Then when I try to set Table.IndexName to one of the secondary indexs I get
the error message "Index does not exist. Index 'Order' " but when I go back
into Database Desktop and open the table the three indexs are still there.
If you need more information please contact me


Re:Error "Index Does Not Exist"

    When you look the properties of your Table in the Object Inspetor this
indexes are disponibles ?

Cristiano Carneiro

Re:Error "Index Does Not Exist"

Hi, Derek.

Try to don't use "bad" name for field and index name. Exchange Order on
Orders or other for example idxOrder. You can download from my web site
DBExplorer. She well be tell you when filed is with bad name.


ps. I'm sorry for my very bad English.
Petio Tonev ,

Re:Error "Index Does Not Exist"

I rebuilt the indexs and it works fine now but I wish I knew why it did that
so my customers will not have the same problem.

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