BDE Error $210D and BDE Error $2A04, dilemma !!!

Dear BDE Experts:

I got a dilemma here. I got $210D error message when I try to run two BDE
applications at the same time.
Here is part of my BDE setting:

SHAREDMEMLOCATION: 0x6BDE0000 (I tried, Ox5BDE/0x6BDE+0000,1000,7000,7FFF
etc suggested by some Borland TeamB)

I always get this $210D error message. The only way I can get rid of this
error message is to set my SHAREDMEMSIZE =2048, i.e. the minimal size.
However, here comes my dilemma, we have to run a batch of BDE application
files to processing huge data. If the SHAREDMEMSIZE is too low, we'll get
the $2A04 error message.

1. Did anybody have encounter the similar situations and know how to fix it?

2. Where can I get a BDE.pas source file? (I change the to BDE.pas,
not working. I have trouble to tell by the CPU window.)

Thanks you in advance.

Zhuo Li.