>>Onscreen Keyboard ???<<<<


l want to make a Onscreen keyboard with  Visual C++ 5.0, Visual Basic 5.0
or Delphi
For a On-Screenkeyboard handling with the mouse,
only by cliking the mouse on the screen without the standaard keyboard.
How can I with a click on a Commandbutton in a not active
window (Onscreen keyboard Application) send a keystroke with the
Sendkey commando from Visual Basic 5.0 to any  Window that i have made
the Active Window (Any window on de screen also the Desktop window)
by clicking the mouse on that window. The Onscreen keyboard must
work systemwide with windows 95.

I hope that you can help me,
Please can you send me a pice of samplecode,


Bij voorbaat dank,
G.H.H. Oudhof