drag and drop objects

Hi All,

I can use the drag and drop methods supplied with Delphi, but I now
need to drag an object (a Tlabel, for instance) across a form, while
the user sees the object actually moving as it is being dragged (as
opposed to the cursor change being the only visual drag indication).

I can also detect current cursor screen coordinate (GetCursorPos)
which could be used to change .top and .left properties of the object,
but the problem is that the DragOver and EndDrag methods seem to
expect that the mousepointer should be directly over the component
receiving the drop (not the pointer carrying along an object with it).
Makes sense, as the pointer is actually over another object (the one I
am trying to drag), not over the destination object.

So, is it possible to drag an objet, maintaining EndDrag and DragOver
functiolality, all the while animating the dragged item's movement?

All thoughts are very welcome.

Best Regards,
Bruno B. Lobo
S 23 01' 07"
W 43 27' 12"

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