Answer my self: Help general SQL error, Type not supported

I post this few days ago:

> Please help me! I'm getting error message when open an query:
>     General SQL error
>     Object type not supported
>     Field.

> I use a TQuery to open an MS-ACCESS table with property:
>     CachedUpdates = true
>     RequestLive = true
>     UpateObject = UpdateSQL1
>     SQL = 'select * from MyTable'

> At design time, When I double click Active property to true, the
> error message shows. If I leave UpdateObject to blank then
> everything goes fine. Why???

> the fields of MyTable is
> REQ_NO        VARCHAR    8    => PrimaryIndex

I found that if I create the table with Microsoft Access97, then
BDE's native driver seems can't access this table; or if I create the
table with Database Desktop, then modify table structor (ex: add index
, add fields, rename field...etc) with MS Access97, and this can be wrong,
Finally I delete the troubled table from Access .MDB database,
recreate the table, then everything  goes ok!
I dont know why, Maybe someone can tell me.
Anyway, it works!

--- Michael Tsai ---