One Object Model Please: Delphi 3.0 and JBuilder 1.0 Client/Server Development

 A lot of the issues you raise are things that I have been asking myself,
too.  Yesterday I saw on Iona's WEB-site some news that baffeled me.
Apparently Orbix was already Delphi and Borland C++  ready, now is C++
Builder ready and soon will be JBuilder ready.  Here is a brief quote:
"Cambridge, Mass., Nov. 18, 1997: IONA Technologies (NASDAQ:IONAY - news) is
today announcing that it is the first CORBA vendor to support Borland C++
Builder. This extends IONA's existing Orbix? support for Borland C++,
Borland Delphi? and IONA's planned support for Borland's JBuilder? with the
next release of IONA's OrbixWeb? Java? product. The release of these
products underlines the true advantages of CORBA in providing organizations
with an infrastructure that enables their developers to build and integrate
complete enterprise solutions regardless of the tools and technologies being
used. IONA is firmly committed to this independence in shipping support for
the tools and platforms customers require to make their software work
Does anybody actually know what this really means ?

Geoffrey L. Goetz wrote in message <>...

>I would like to use Delphi to create NT specific Server Applications.  I
>would like to use JBuilder to create the client applications that will
>connect/communicate to these server applications.  These clients will
>also be able to connect to other CORBA servers on Unix and MVS when
>necessary.  I do not want to use a web browser (Applets).  I do not want
>to distribute data modules (DataBroker).  I do not want to use a broker
>that sits between COM and CORBA that will bridge the JAVA-PASCAL world
>for me.  Security issues with opening ports/sockest and coming up with a
>proprietary way of pseudo-marsheling data values and variable names is
>undesirable (name=value).

>Delphi 3.0 IDL compiler for CORBA
>To generate the necessary skeletons/stubs in .pas to use a vendors ORB
>(Visigenic's).  Perhaps utilizing existing type libraries (COM)?  Is
>this in the works?  Or is it never to be?

>JBuilder 1.0 IDL compiler for CORBA
>To generate the necessary skeletons/stubs in .java to use a vendors ORB
>(Visigenic's).  I believe that this will become a reality (if it isnt

>Just wondering if anyone else is interested in merging their Microsoft
>NT Delphi Client/Server development with their JavaSoft JVM JBuilder
>Client/Server development efforts.


>P.S. As an interesting twist, switch COM and CORBA in the above
>request.  In this case, Delphi supports the object model that JBuilder
>does not.  As it (the request) is now, JBuilder supports an Object model
>that Delphi does not.  I do believe that C++Builder supports both, but I
>have only seen ORBs for VC++ on Microsoft platforms (NT/95), and I have
>not tried using/developing and COM/DCOM specific stuff with C++Builder

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