CodeNet !


What is it ? CodeNet is a mail & files network like Fidonet, ONLY about
programming in ANY language. There are mail area's for : Assembler, Pascal,
C++, Delphi, QuickBasic, you name it !

CodeNet is currently mainly located in The Netherlands, but it must grow
beyond the borderlines. You can help us with that ! If you program in any
language, need a sollution to a problem you have been working on for a long
time, want to help others with their problems, then Codenet is something
you !!

CodeNet doesn't only consist of mail, files are also spread through
You automatically receive them with your mail.

It works like this : you are assigned a node number and a host (BBS where
you get your mail). Using the correct software (complete packs available),
you dial your host with your modem, automatically receive new mail & files,
and mail you've written is sent to the host, and via that host to the rest
of CodeNet !


If you want to join CodeNet, you can do so by :

 - Calling CodeNet WHQ at : +31-(0)317-316981 24HRS 33K6
 - Applying at
 - Sending e-mail to

Especially BBS Sysop's are encouraged to join CodeNet and become Host !