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Debugging-Evaluate-Modify in D2006

2006-04-29 04:21:46 AM
Using D2006 in XPSP2. Sometimes (not always) when debugging in a thread, the
feature Debug-Evaluate-Modify does NOT change the value of a variable. The
variable is local (and it is not a constant, of course).
If you select the variable and select Debug-Evaluate-Modify, you see the
correct value. You can enter a new value and click modify. You SEE that the
changes have beeen done and you see the new value in that window. However,
closing the window and checking the value of the variable shows the old
value. This doesn't happen everytime but often, though.
Anybody else having this problem?

Re:Debugging-Evaluate-Modify in D2006

"Luis Cobian" <XXXX@XXXXX.COM>writes

Here is a video for those who want to see (~40 Mb)