ANN: Valentine's Day Crazy 1 day only sale - full *50% off* of CMS Encore Pro!!!

2008-02-14 06:02:01 AM
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For more information on CMS Encore Pro please visit:
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About CMS Encore Pro
CMS Encore Pro (Encore) is a desktop based Content Management System (CMS)
that lets you create,
edit and maintain a website.
Encore is ideal for small to medium websites that would like a fast and
powerful to maintain their websites.
A CMS lets you maintain your website by allowing you to make the elements of
your website generic and easy to update.
For example, common elements like navigation can be made generic in the form
of templates and components,
which can then be used throughout your website. The benefit of this is that
you can then easily update/modify
your site by just editing the generic templates or components.
Content on your website is stored in the form of articles which can be
entered using a WYSIWYG editor with a built in spell checker and thesaurus.
Alternatively, you can edit your articles using the syntax highlighted html
You can write your script code using our scripting language called eScript
with over 200 hundred built in scripting functions, using our built in IDE
with features such as syntax highlighting, code completion,
WYSIWYG previews, etc.
Principle Features:
- Unique and flexible channel(folder) based architecture.
- Built-in website themes, for creating a website in a few easy steps.
- Built-in FTP engine for uploading content to your website.
- Multi-lingual support, add content in multiple languages.
- Multi-user system with configurable user-rights.
Template Editor/IDE Features:
- Built-in html components, such as bread-crumb links, automatic javascript
menus, etc.
- Features an integrated object/component inspector.
- Over 200 built-in scripting functions.
- Editor supports code completion and code parameters for scripting and
- Integrated design-time HTML Preview.
- Add your own custom fields/properties to page templates and content.
Content Editor Features:
- WYSIWYG HTML Editor for adding content.
- Formatting toolbar
- Hyperlinks
- Syntax highlighted editor for adding HTML content manually.
- Built in Spell Checker and Thesaurus.
- Drag-and-drop images and edit with built in image manipulator.
Interface Features:
- Tree view of channels (folders) and articles.
- Temporarily hide or disable channels (folders) or articles that in the
published output.
Image/Graphics Features:
- Built-in Image Editor with features such as cropping, gray-scaling,
resizing, etc.
- Built-in Button Designer for easily creating basic buttons and web
Free Website Themes:
For more information on CMS Encore Pro please visit:
Steve Clemens
CMS Encore Pro - The Advanced Desktop Content Management System
The easy way to build and maintain your website.
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