"Strategic" Components and libs

2005-05-24 11:49:27 PM
As some of you know, there are those of us that are new to Delphi but are
long term developers. We're in the process of converting existing code libs
and apps to Delphi.
In doing that, we're *very* interested in determining the strategic
positioning of the "billions and billions" of Delphi components and libs.
We're most interested in the components that come packaged with Delphi, but
also are interested in external libs.
The fundamental questions are these: Which components are destined for
support in cross platform / multi platform environments (Native Win and .Net
for example... Kylix?). Same questions regarding function libs. As an
extension to that question, which libs are expected to be in .Next (whatever
that is).
In other words, taking a strategic view of our applications, what tools can
we use and expect to see the least disruption moving forward?
Are those questions addressed somewhere in the Delphi docs (deprecation or
strategy discussion)? Can someone point me to discussion of these issues?
I haven't run across it if it is there.
The bottom line is that I would like to be able to develop using any of the
tools available. Some I drool over, but using them may require that I
rework my code later. If I knew something was on the fence I could more
easily make my own wrappers to make later replacement easier.
With regard to basic code portability, I see compiler hints. Is there a
whitepaper somewhere that discusses the do's and don'ts with reasoning?
FWIW, it would *really* be cool if I could figure out how to set the tool
palette to only show the "strategic" components.
Thoughts? Comments? Fire away.
Dan <you can quit laughing now<g>>