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Newbie help wanted please.

It seemed simple, change the form caption to show what state the
database is in, InvoiceForm.Caption := 'Clients waiting';
This is supposed to change within the code when a a certain button is
pressed. No error is given but also no change is made to the forms
caption. This is in Delphi 2.
Ant ideas gratefully recieved.
It is only a small problem but is like a sore finger, it is irratating
the hell out of me.

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Re:Newbie help wanted please.

Hi McPhee,

The problem could be that you are performing some kind of process right
after setting the caption of the form.  Thus, the caption cannot redraw
itself until after the process is finished.  You might try calling
either the update method of the form or try Application.ProcessMessages
after you set the caption.  This will force the form to process
its messages to redraw itself before any other processing is performed.

I hope this helps,
Earl Reddell
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