HELP: Turbo Pascal for Windows - Object Windows

I am trying to develop and application in Turbo Pascal for Windows using
Object Windows and am having some problems:

I want to enable horizontal scrolling in a list box.  The following doesn't
seem to do anything to allow horizontal scrolling.

        LBox:=New(PlistBox,Init(@self, id_LBox, 20,60,560,195));
        LBox^.Attr.Style := LBox^.Attr.Style  and not lbs_sort;
        LBox^.Attr.Style := LBox^.Attr.Style  or ws_HScroll;

The list box and non-alphabetical sort works well otherwise.  If I replace
the 'or' for an 'and', the program crashes.

Secondly, I have created menus using the resource editor with some menu items
grayed (and disabled).  The following command on its own doesn't seem to do

        EnableMenuItem(100, 103, mf_Enabled);

where 100 is the menu item id and 103 is cm_FileSave for example.  Do I
need some other command.

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